colour wheel Colour is not just a backdrop, it also influences our mood; it can even heal.
It enhances our surroundings and our feelings.
We are surrounded by colour every day.
Our food and clothing are just two examples.
We live in a very colourful world.

Understanding my clients feelings and tastes enables me to custom tailor the perfect living or working environment for them.

Colour brings balance and harmony; it creates calming, uplifting, inspiring or exiting feelings and everyone has different needs.

Let me help you to find the right colours for your home or work place.

Choosing colour schemes is exciting, but it can also be a little daunting. You may find it easy to select a main colour, but more difficult to finalize the smaller details, although these can often make or break the finished effect.

Inspiration comes naturally and easily to some people, but most of us need a little help in developing our artistic flair, or even in defining our own personal preferences.

Try to identify a few key areas to help you before you start to make decisions about using decorating colour schemes. When selecting colours for your decorating scheme, you may find that inspiration is close at hand, so look around you before searching farther.

Colours have certain properties that can evoke particular feelings in a room. You may choose a colour scheme simply to change the character of your room or to create a certain atmosphere by means of that colour's characteristics.

Existing decorations.
Examine why your existing decorative colour scheme does not suit you, and to what extent the colour scheme needs to be changed.

Flick quickly through magazines to see which pages and images attract you and which colours they feature.

Use paintings and prints that you have bought in the past as reminders of what appeals to you visually.

Consult professionals.
If you visit a decorating outlet, ask their experts for advice on colour scheming, and you may find it extremely useful.

Visit showrooms.
Most large outlets build showrooms to display entire rooms. Here you may observe the work of interior designers.

Consider lighting.
You need to be aware of the lighting in a room, since this will affect colours.

Cater for occupants.
If a room is for communal use, cater for general taste rather than individual needs. When starting the decoration of a room from scratch, examine the function of the room and who is going to be using it.

Even a personal room, such as a bedroom, will require very different decor, in both practical and aesthetic terms, depending on whom it is designed for. Consider function. Select your colours according to whether a room will be used for rest and relaxation, for fun and recreation, or for work.

Creating space.
Some colours tend to have a receding effect on walls, which gives a greater feeling of space in a room. Use this to create an open, airy atmosphere.

Varying intensity.
The extent to which a colour has a warming or cooling influence depends on its intensity and its shade. The use of a light or dark colour does, of course, create a correspondingly light or dark atmosphere in a room. However, different shades of the same colour also have additional characteristics, and can be used individually to dramatize effect in the overall colour scheme.

Blending and Toning.
Blending and toning can often be the most difficult concept to grasp when choosing colours. You need to decide which features of in a room should be accentuated and which should be blended in with the general decor in order to produce a sympathetic colour scheme.

Extending colour.
Extending the same colours and designs from one surface to another is another way of using colour to balance a decorative colour scheme.

Incorporating textures.
The textured aspect of a decorative plan can also be linked with a colour scheme.

Scheming simply.
The best effects are often created by means of a few simple colour statements. Avoid including too many colours, since this tends to produce a very cluttered feel that will be too busy for most rooms.

I hope these ideas on decorating and colour schemes have been helpful. If you'd like to learn more about this topic, get in touch with me and I will help you realize your dream.