Why to Hire a Pro

Should you hire a designer and can you afford it?

The pros say you can’t afford not to, plus, designers hold the keys to the design kingdom (They know where all the good stuff is). Still thinking you should go at it alone? Here are some pointers to help you decide.

Are you hopelessly overwhelmed about how to start?

Designers are schooled to look at the big picture and help you avoid costly mistakes. Even people who have great ideas and want to do it themselves often lack focus and need the guidance and direction a professional can offer. They can also help you deal with the domino effect of design. If you're working on one room and you change one thing, it affects six other things. Nobody's ever quite finished.

Will you need help creating a floor plan that clearly specifies the layout of your home or business?

The most important step in designing a home or business is that you start with a well-developed floor plan. If you use the services of a designer for nothing else, get a good floor plan to help you analyze your requirements.

Do you have too many armchair designers second guessing your taste?

Many people get sidetracked by friends and relatives who want to "help" refine your taste. Don't listen to them. Trust yourself and collect samples of what you like. A good designer will give you what you want, not impose their latest vision. "I make dreams come true”, that's my job description.

Have you ever spent a chunk of change only to end up with the wrong look?

People often waste their money on pieces that don’t fit. A designer is trained to know what goes with what and what size is needed. A professional is also trained to ask the right questions to help you figure out what you want.

Do you think scale is something found only on fish?

OK, so it's a dumb joke, but most people don't understand how important it is to get the proportion right between furniture and the room. People make enormous errors when it comes to understanding the scale of furniture for a space. Consider paying for a consultation with a design pro to help you get it right.

Does your home or business lack a unified look?

Designers are essential because we help you create a master plan, which everybody really needs. In just two hours, I can do a complete walk-through and create a plan that home and business owners can then implement on their own.